In April, 2019,  Hangzhou  Qiantang  New  Area,   including  Hangzhou  Dajiangdong Industry Cluster Zone and Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area, was approved to establish by  Zhejiang  Provincial  People’s  Government.  The  Area boasts    three    state-level    honors—Hangzhou    Economic    and     Technological Development Area, Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Area and Linjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone.
  • ■ Population of 1.06 million
  • ■ Planned area of 531.7 km²
  • ■ GDP, 100.8 billion RMB
  • ■ Total revenue, 22.2 billion RMB

    • World-class Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Cluster
    • The Demonstration Area for City-Industry Integration Development in Yangtze River Delta
    • The Symbolic and Strategic Platform for Reform and Opening up in Zhejiang Province
    • The Leading Area for Digital Economy and High-end Manufacturing Integration Innovation Development in Hangzhou Bay
    Locating at the intersection of three national development strategies, which are The Belt And Road, Yangtze River Economic Belt and Regional Integration in the Yangtze River Delta, Qiantang New Area has the superior location advantage and has been the strategic area to promote the construction development of "Greater Bay Area" in the whole province and boost the development by embracing the river in Hangzhou.


    There is the largest university town in Zhejiang Province: 11 square kilometers , 14 universities and colleges, and 50,000 graduates each year. There are 187 master and doctoral degree awarding programs, 80 key provincial and ministerial disciplines and 20 key labs.
    The New Area, actively engaging in the “joint construction” with famous domestic and foreign universities and institutes, has co-built and operated more than 30 high-end research institutes and innovative centers.


    Semi-conductor Industry

    Hangzhou    Qiantang    New   Area   has gathered lots of key enterprises, such as Zhongxin    large-sized    semi-conductor silicon wafer, Silan Integration, Li-on Microelectronics and so on...

    Life and Health Industry

    Hangzhou   Qiantang     New   Area    has gathered lots of key enterprises, such as Pfizer, MSD, Abbott, Huadong Medicine, Mary kay and so on...

    New Materials Industry

    Hangzhou    Qiantang    New    Area    has assembled lots  of  key  enterprises, such as Changan Ford,  GAC,  Geely,  Zhongce, Yokohama,  Toshiba  Information,Gree Electric Appliances, Panasonic and so on.

    Aerospace and Aviation Industry

    Hangzhou  Qiantang  New  Area  has   aggregated   lots  of  key enterprises, such  as  Xizi  Spirit  Aviation,  Zhejiang  University Aviation  Equipment  Research Center and so on. In the future, Qiantang  New  Area will  take  large aircraft and related  parts, aviation new material...

    Intelligent Automobile and Intelligent Equipment Industry

    Hangzhou   Qiantang   New   Area   has  assembled  lots  of  key enterprises,   such  as   Changan   Ford,   GAC,  Geely,   Zhongce,  Yokohama,   Toshiba   Information, Gree  Electric   Appliances, Panasonic  and  so  on. In  addition,  there  are  a  batch  of  key programs under construction...
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